Where is Japan in the world?

Where is Japan in the world? Japan lies in the far eastern of Asia continent. It is a team of islands country positioned in the Pacific Ocean. Japan Sea lies east of Japan that divides from Russia, China as well as Oriental Peninsula. In the south eastern China Sea lies. In north Sakhalin, Russia and also Korea Strait separates Japan from South Korea in the south west. Interestingly, Japan name is not given arbitrarily instead it has some significance i.e. “sun-origin”. Most of the islands of Japan have hilly terrain and there are numerous volcanic hill. The greatest hill top of Japan is Mount Fuji, which is a volcanic optimal.

Where is Japan

where is Japan in the world?

Identified in the continent of Asia, Japan covers 364,485 square kilometers of land and also 13,430 square kilometers of water, making it the 62nd biggest country in the world with a total location of 377,915 square kilometers. Japan was started as an unique as well as initial nation in 1590. The currency of Japan is the Yen (JPY). Too, the people of Japan are described as Japanese.

Where is Japan in the world

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