what does a walrus eat

What does a walrus eat in the wild

What does a walrus eat number one is walruses favor molluscs – generally bivalves such as clams. Walruses might periodically prey on fishes such as polar cod.

What does a walrus eat second is walruses might eat the carcasses of young seals when food is limited.

What does a walrus eat number three is there are some unusual but habitual seal-eating walruses. These are generally male walruses, identifiable since they are normally bigger than other males, with powerful shoulder and also chest muscular tissues.

what does a walrus eat

Approaches Of Collecting And also Eating Food

  1. Walruses typically forage under within 80 m (262 ft.) of the surface. Many feeding possibly takes place between 10 and also 50 m (33-164 ft.).
  2. Since visibility is poor in deep and also murky waters, walruses rely on their vibrissae to locate food. A walrus relocates its snout along all-time low, rooting via the sediment and utilizing its vibrissae to assist spot prey. Scrape patterns of the tusks reveal that they are dragged through the sediment, however are not used to dig up prey.
  3. Evidence reveals that walruses may absorb mouthfuls of water and also squirt powerful jets at the sea flooring, digging deep into burrowing invertebrates such as clams.
  4. Walruses do not chew their food, yet they do sometimes crush clam shells.

Soft-bodied invertebrates are typically not smashed or torn. A walrus sucks off the foot and also the fleshy siphon of a clam and also swallows it entire.

what does a walrus eat

The cheek teeth do obtain put on, however this is probably from abrasion by min bits of sand that walruses accidentally take into their mouths and also not from crushing clam shells.

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