Visiting Japan for the first time

Visiting Japan for the first time can be challenging to many individuals. Do not take too lightly a visit to Japan. Though maybe mentioning the apparent, the most effective way to clear on your own of these prevalent concerns is to plan. Strategy where you want to go, ways to get there, when you’ll arrive. Sometimes the prep work takes even more job compared to the trip itself, as well as for pragmatic reasons it very well need to be. The point of a holiday is to probably avoid all of it, isn’t it? Well when you have planned, that will certainly without a doubt hold true.

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Points to consider when visiting Japan

First thing to think about when visiting Japan for the first time is ATMs. Although Tokyo is ultra-modern, you may have to revert to bring travelers’ checks for the duration of your stay. Few Atm machines accept international cards, although you will certainly have a lot more good luck at 7 Eleven corner store and also branches of Citibank. ATMs in busy areas remain open up until 9 p.m. and also a lot of are closed on weekends.

Second point to think about when visiting Japan for the first time is Japan is a Money Culture, especially in backwoods. Credit cards are great in large establishments in Tokyo and also Kyoto, but also in these cities, tiny hotels, inns, shops, and dining establishments only accept money. As well as, you will require cash for buses, taxis, trains, and also admission to all taking in the sights places. Japan has a 5 % customer tax, the rate revealed on goods is normally prior to the tax.

visiting Japan for the first time

Third point to consider when visiting Japan for the first time. The Japan Rail Pass readily available in 7, 14, as well as 21-day varieties are one of the very best anticipate taking a trip in Japan. As an example: a normal round-trip train ticket from Narita Airport to Kyoto sets you back more than an entire 7 Day Rail Pass. The Japan Rail Pass is accepted on all “Japan Train line” operated trains, buses, as well as one ferryboat (Hiroshima area to Miyajima), anywhere in Japan (including all “bullet” trains except the Nozomi Super Express).

Fourth thing to consider when visiting Japan for the first time is Subways. Tokyo has an incredibly efficient subway, but the 13 lines are run by two different companies, Toei Subways and Tokyo Metro, meaning a bewildering variety of day passes are available. A good bet is the Toei and Tokyo Metro One-Day Economy Pass, which costs ¥ 1,000 and gives you a day of unlimited travel on all subway lines. During rush-hour the subway becomes an unbearable crush.
Taxis During the day traffic can be gridlocked, but in the evening, when traffic is lighter, taxis are reasonably alternative to the subway. Enter and exit taxis by the back left-hand door. Don’t make the novice’s error of trying to open or close the door– your white-gloved driver will do that from the front seat.

Tipping is not common in Japan, especially for cab drivers, porters, or waiters. In more upscale establishments, a service charge will be added to your bill. However in some situations were special services are arranged for example: your private guide and or the head maid at a ryokan (Japanese-style inn) money gifts are acceptable. Money gifts are presented in an envelope containing relatively new and flat bills.

Last thing to consider when visiting Japan for the first time is High Tech Wonder Toilets. In upscale hotels, ryokans and restaurants, you may discover Japan’s new high tech wonder toilets.

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