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Circulation and habitat of Philippine eagle

The Philippine eagle is native to the island to the Philippines and can be located on four significant islands: eastern Luzon, Samar, Leyte, as well as Mindanao. The biggest number of eagles reside on Mindanao, with between 82 and 233 breeding sets. It can be found in North Sierra Madre National Park on Luzon and Mount Apo, Mount Malindang and also Mount Kitanglad National Parks on Mindanao.

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This eagle is discovered in dipterocarp and also mid-montane woodlands, particularly in high locations. Its elevation ranges from the lowlands to mountains of over 1,800 metres (5,900 feet). Only an approximated 9,220 km2 (2,280,000 acres) of old-growth woodland stay in the bird’s array. [7] Its complete projected array is about 146,000 km2 (56,000 sq mi). [14]

Ecology and habits of Philippine eagle

Advancement in the Philippine islands, without other predators, made the eagles the dominant hunter in the Philippine woodlands. Earlier, the region has been estimated at concerning 100 km2 (39 sq mi), yet a study on Mindanao Island located the nearby range in between reproducing sets to be about 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) on average, resulting in a circular story of 133 km2(51 sq mi).

The species’ trip is fast and also active, resembling the smaller sized hawks greater than similar huge birds of prey. [28] Natural History of Philippine eagle

Philippine eagles are raptors, the group of birds additionally called “birds of prey” that fors example hawks, falcons, eagles, owls, and also vultures. Raptors are exceptional seekers. They seize their prey (small animals, fish, and other birds) with their taloned feet and also tear the meat with sharp, connected beaks.

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Philippine eagles populate rain forest and are well-adapted to life in thick foliage. Despite their terrific dimension, they have short, broad wings and a squared-off tail that enables them to increase almost up and down in between trees and maneuver with speed and dexterity through branches as well as vines. They are experienced at nabbing apes or various other creatures or birds from trees.

The Philippine eagle likewise attacks domestic animals such as pets, pigs, and young goats.

Like many huge predators, the Philippine eagle requires a large region for hunting. Philippine eagles additionally need the tallest trees, those which arise above the tropical rain forest cover, for nesting. They have a really low duplication rate, laying simply 1 or 2 eggs annually.

Causes of Endangerment of Philippine eagle


Raptors are threatened worldwide. Historically, raptors have actually been maltreated simply as a result of their predacious nature. People eliminate them to protect residential animals, or to eliminate competition for a sought-after victim varieties.

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The Philippine eagle additionally was a treasured trophy for hunters. When firearms came to be commonly readily available in the Philippines after World War I, the number of eagles eliminated for sporting activity sky-rocketed.

Even legal defense was of no use for quite awhile. When vital people paid large sums of cash to hunt the eagles, frequently it was the game wardens who led them to the birds!


Due to their location at top of the food chain, raptors are especially prone to toxic substances, such as chemicals, which accumulate in their victim types. Peregrine falcons as well as hairless eagles in The United States and Canada were virtually eliminated by the widespread use of the chemical DDT.

Environment Loss of Philippine eagle

Tropical woodland raptors like the Philippine eagle have actually been greatly influenced by habitat destruction. Reduced area dimension, decreasing numbers of prey pets, and disappearance of large nesting trees all have actually contributed to the eagle’s decline. It is estimated that 80 percent of Philippine tropical rain forest have actually disappeared since the 1970s.

philippine eagle info

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