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Koala bear facts number one is koalas are nighttime marsupials renowned for investing the majority of their lives asleep in trees. During the day they doze, put into forks or spaces in the trees, sleeping for around 18 hrs.

This inactive lifestyle could be credited to the reality they have unusually tiny minds and also make it through on a diet regimen of nutrient-poor fallen leaves.

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When not asleep a koala feeds on eucalyptus leaves, especially at evening. Koalas do not drink much water and also they get many of their moisture from these leaves.

Each pet consumes an incredible amount for its dimension– about one kilogram of leaves a day. Koalas even save treats of fallen leaves in bags in their cheeks.

Koala bear facts number five runs out over a hundred varieties of eucalyptus trees that grow in Australia, the koala feeds just on twelve, and will only eat leaves at a particular phase of growth.

Koalas can easily exhaust its’ own supply. Guardians need to move groups of koalas to areas where food abounds.

The koala has an unique digestive system– a lengthy gut– which gauges a gigantic 2 metres as well as is loaded with super micro-organisms that cleanse the fallen leaves.

Koalas have the tendency to smell highly of eucalyptus and also musk. This is thought to discourage fleas and also other animals from living in its fur.

The koala is an exceptional swimmer, as well as could cross rivers in order to escape from heavy flooding in one area.

Koala bear facts number ten is a newborn koala is just the dimension of a wide bean, blind as well as hairless.

The young koala spends its first 6 months inside its mother’s bag. For the next 2 or 3 months it clings to its mom’s fur during the day, returning to the security of her bag in the evening.

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The koala mother as well as her young appreciate a very close connection. She happily carries her spawn around continuously up until it is old enough to be independent

Koalas are native to Australia.

Koalas are not bears.

Koala bear facts number fifteen is koala fossils located in Australia have been dated as long earlier as 20 million years.

Koalas eat eucalypt fallen leaves and nearly nothing else.

The human brain dimension of contemporary koalas has lowered considerably from their forefathers, potentially as an adjustment to the low power they get from their diets.

The closest living family member of the koala is the wombat.

Koalas have sharp claws which aid them climb up trees.

Koala bear facts number twenty is koalas have comparable finger prints to humans.

Koalas have large noses that are coloured pink or black.

Exterior of reproducing seasons, koalas are quiet pets.

A baby koala is called a ‘joey’.

Joeys stay in their mommy’s bag for around 6 months and also stay with them for one more six months approximately afterwards.

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Koala bear facts number twenty five is koalas could not be maintained legitimately as pets

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