Information about wood pigeon

Identification of wood pigeon

Although there is some individual variant, in general the upper parts of adult kereru are green, with a purple-bronze iridescence on the neck, mantle as well as coverts of the wings. The underparts are white with a sharp demarcation in between the white and also turquoise on the top breast. The costs colouration is fairly variable, from evenly red, yet often having a paler red or perhaps orangey tip, and also feet and also eyes crimson. Fledglings and also juveniles have duller quill, and commonly the white breast is smudgy white-grey, as well as the demarcation in between dark and white feathering is rough as well as might have a narrow border of cinnamon wash over the upper white plumes.

Voice of wood pigeon: kereru are usually silent besides periodic ‘oos’. Short, modest volume ‘oos’ are provided when distressed, such as a harrier flying nearby, as well as much longer, low quantity ‘oooooos’, with an increasing tone towards the end provided as call calls, often duplicated a number of times.

habitat of wood pigeon

Kereru prevail via the country from Northland to Stewart Island, as well as on some offshore islands that have ideal forest/ shrubland habitats.

Habitat of wood pigeon

Kereru live in a wide variety of forest types: podocarp-broadleaf woodland, beech forest, 2nd development native forest regrowing after logging, little forest residues, and unique plantations (especially those with an understorey and/or stream-sides of native bushes as well as trees). They additionally happen in farmland shelterbelts, city parks, as well as country as well as suburban yards.

Population of wood pigeon

Kereru are widespread through the country, as well as are seasonally usual at some places where they gather in moderate-sized eating groups (20-50 birds, as well as seldom over 100).

Threats and also conservation of wood pigeon

A major issue for preservation of the kereru in the early 1900s, habitat loss possibly has little impact on local populations today. The main threat to kereru is predation by presented mammalian predators, specifically feral pet cats, possums, stoats as well as ship rats, especially when nesting. Various other mortality aspects for example accidents with fast moving vehicles, overhead power as well as telephone cables and also home windows, electrocution when set down on some power posts, and also prohibited hunting. Where pest populaces are removed (overseas islands, exclusion fenced locations) or regulated to very reduced degrees kereru populations have increased considerably.

breeding of wood pigeon

Breeding of wood pigeon

Kereru have actually been recorded breeding in all months, yet most eggs are laid in September-April. Pigeons in native forest have actually been recorded not breeding when little or no fruit was offered. When fruit is readily offered, sets are able to have overlapping nesting attempts; a huge chick in one nest and an egg being nurtured in one more.

Behaviour and ecology of wood pigeon

During the non-breeding period, kereru can be fairly low-profile, feeding as well as then roosting under a thick canopy for often hours at a time. While not a territorial varieties, a person will certainly protect a food tree versus other pigeons attempting to feed in it too.

A couple of marked pigeons in Taranaki flew up to 60 kilometres to reach autumn fruit resources. Integrated with the kereru’s big size (and for this reason large mouth-width) as well as diet plan of fruit, these landscape-scale movements make kereru the most essential vector for the transfer of seeds between widely-spaced pieces of native woodland.

food of wood pigeon

Food of wood pigeon

While the majority of foods are taken while clambering about on vines, bushes and also trees, at a few locations kereru spend time on the ground eating on clover and perhaps various other herbs. While ripe fruit appears to be the favored food, in a lot of regions fruit is not available year round, as well as so kereru after that feed on fallen leaves.

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