Information about types of sparrows

There are two types of sparrows in UK but numerous others in Europe, Asia and Africa (American ‘sparrows’ are not closely associated).

Most nest in cavities yet some may nest in bushes or trees, building untidy nests of yard and also various rubbish. They have no strong songs, yet a number of variations on loud chirps and also cheeps.

types of sparrows like home sparrow

First of types of sparrows is House sparrow

Noisy and also gregarious, these happy exploiters of male’s rubbish as well as profligacy, have taken care of to colonize the majority of the world. The utmost avian go-getter possibly.

types of sparrows like house sparrow

Secondly of types of sparrows is Tree sparrow

Smaller compared to a home sparrow and also more active, with its tail practically permanently cocked. It has a chestnut brown head and neck (as opposed to grey), and white cheeks and also collar.

types of sparrows in the world

– Hypocryptadius.

– Cinnamon ibon.

– Passeridae, real sparrows.

– Saxaul sparrow, Passer ammodendri’.

– House sparrow, Passer domesticus.

– Italian sparrow, Passer italiae.

types of sparrows like tree sparrow in the wild

– Spanish sparrow, Passer hispaniolensis.

– Sind sparrow, Passer pyrrhonotus.

– Somali sparrow, Passer castanopterus.

– Russet sparrow, Passer rutilans.

– Plain-backed sparrow, Passer flaveolus.

– Dead Sea sparrow, Passer moabiticus.

– Iago sparrow, Passer iagoensis.

– Great sparrow, Passer motitensis.

– Kenya sparrow, Passer rufocinctus.

– Kordofan sparrow, Passer cordofanicus.

– Shelley’s sparrow, Passer shelleyi.

– Socotra sparrow, Passer insularis.

– Abd al-Kuri sparrow, Passer hemileucus.

– Cape sparrow, Passer melanurus.

– Northern grey-headed sparrow, Passer griseus.

– Swainson’s sparrow, Passer swainsonii.

– Parrot-billed sparrow, Passer gongonensis.

– Swahili sparrow, Passer suahelicus.

– Southern grey-headed sparrow, Passer diffusus.

– Desert sparrow, Passer simplex.

– Eurasian tree sparrow, Passer montanus.

– Sudan golden sparrow, Passer luteus.

– Arabian gold sparrow, Passer euchlorus.

– Chestnut sparrow, Passer eminibey.

– Petronia, the petronias or rock sparrows.

– Yellow-spotted petronia, Petronia pyrgita.

– Yellow-throated sparrow, Petronia xanthocollis.

– Yellow-throated petronia, Petronia superciliaris.

types of sparrows like tree sparrow

– Bush petronia, Petronia dentata.

– Rock sparrow, Petronia petronia.

– Carpospiza.

– Pale rockfinch, Carpospiza brachydactyla.

– Montifringilla, the snowfinches.

– White-winged snowfinch, Montifringilla nivalis.

– Black-winged snowfinch, Montifringilla adamsi.

– White-rumped snowfinch, Montifringilla taczanowskii.

– Père David’s snowfinch, Montifringilla davidiana.

– Rufous-necked snowfinch, Montifringilla ruficollis.

– Plain-backed snowfinch, Montifringilla blanfordi.

– Afghan snowfinch, Montifringilla theresae.

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