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The Siberian weasel (Mustela sibirica) is a medium-sized weasel native to Asia, where it is extensively distributed and also dwells various forest environments and open areas.

In form and searching behaviour, the Siberian weasel stands for a transitional formbetween little mustelids (such as stoats and also least weasels) and their larger cousins (minks and also polecats). It is an useful furbearer, specifically for the paint brush industry.

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Characteristics of Siberian weasel

Siberian Weasels are a large species of weasel They have a body system length in between 30 and also 40.5 cms (12 – 15.9 inches), a tail size in between 18 and 25.5 cms (7 – 10 inches) and they evaluate roughly 57 g (2 oz).

They are pale/yellowish brown in colour although they could be darker or redder in various components of their range. In some cases their tail has a dark brown pointer and also often their muzzle has some white colouration.

Habitat of Siberian weasel

Siberian Weasels are found in the tundra, hills and also forested areas throughout eastern Asia. They are solitary and generally nighttime but in some cases they quest throughout the day.

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Food of Siberian weasel

Siberian Weasels are ferocious and also efficient killers. They primarily feed up on rats, lizards, tiny birds, eggs as well as bugs.

Siberian Weasels reproduce yearly in spring and after a gestation duration of 28 – 30 days, 2 – 12 (average 5) young are birthed in a nest. They are taken care of by the female when they reach a month old their eyes open. They are discouraged at 2 months old and they reach sex-related maturity at approximately 2 years of age.

Predators of Siberian weasel

Predators of Siberian Weasels are big owls and also predators.


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There are 4 subspecies of Siberian Weasel

Mustela sibirica subhemachalana

Mustela sibirica moupiensis

Mustela sibirica canigula

Mustela sibirica hodgsoni

Interesting facts of Siberian weasel

Siberian Weasels are additionally called:

Siberian Hill Weasel


Himalayan Weasel

Siberian Weasel fur makes the finest water colour or oil paint brushes as well as is especially sought after by artists.

The kolinsky sable-hair brush is generated utilizing the winter season fur of the male Siberian Weasel, not sable.

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