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The black palm cockatoo (Probosciger aterrimus), also referred to as the goliath cockatoo or terrific black cockatoo, is a large smoky-grey or black parrot of the cockatoo family native to New Guinea and far north Queensland, Australia. black hand cockatoo has a large black beak and also famous red cheek spots.

The black palm cockatoo is thought about to be the most lovely of the Cockatoos.

Distribution of black palm cockatoo

The black palm cockatoo is distributed in rainforests as well as woodlands of New Guinea and also northern Queensland, Australia. A bulk of all captive-bred Palm Cockatoos are presently owned and operated by Natalie Copp, David Roberts, Mike Tyson, Thomas Woodward and also Ina Zuncke. The cumulative reproduction program has been deemed a success by the Palm Cockatoo Preservation in Papua New Guinea.

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The black palm cockatoo is 55– 60 centimeters (22– 24 in) in size and evaluates 910– 1,200 gm. The Hand Cockatoo likewise has a distinctive red cheek patch that changes colour when the bird is alarmed or excited.

Average Life-span

Approximately 60 years.

Character of black palm cockatoo

The Black Palm Cockatoo, while social, is not understood to be amongst one of the most caring Cockatoo types. Smart as well as resourceful, they require solid training and also lots of interaction.


The black palm cockatoo is not actually black, however instead a quite dark, smoky gray color. The have brilliant red spots on their cheeks, gray feet as well as legs, and a dark grayish-black beak.


Like all Cockatoos, black palm cockatoos are prone to weight gain, so owners ought to check their fat intake. A healthy and balanced diet plan for a pet dog Black Palm Cockatoo need to include top quality pellets, a moderate quantity of seed mix.

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Black Palm Cockatoos are big birds, and also they require plenty of exercise to keep their physical wellness. See to it that your Black Hand Cockatoo is allowed a minimum of 3-4 hours exterior of its cage each day, to ensure that it can extend its muscles and also play. These birds are inquisitive and also have strong beaks, so they should always be managed when beyond the cage to avoid accidents.

Black Palm Cockatoos as Pet

Strikingly lovely, with outstanding dimension, black palm cockatoos make distinct pets for the right owner.

These are large, effective birds that need the proficiency of experienced parrot owners. While handfed black palm cockatoo make exceptional, tame animals, they still require strong training and are not for those that are new to keeping huge parrots. Simply put– these are vibrant parrots that require bold owners. Do not embrace a Black Hand Cockatoo if you are frightened by big birds.

Furthermore, black palm cockatoos call for a huge cage and a lot of room to play. The mimimum cage size for a Black Palm Cockatoo ought to be 8ft. x 10ft. x 8ft. Those who could not suit such a large aviary must consider among the various other numerous Cockatoo varieties.

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The black palm cockatoos are large, averaging around 24 inches in size from the beak to the idea of the tail plumes.

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