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Description of eagle owl

The facial disc is tawny-buff, speckled with black-brown, so largely on the external edge of the disc as to develop a “framework” around the face. A slim enthusiast band, freckled with brownish buff, runs up from the base of the costs, above the internal part of the eye and along the inner side of the black-brown ear-tufts. The expense is blackish, the cere greyish-olive, and also the eyes are intense orange-red to golden-yellow. Chin and also throat are white proceeding down the center of the upper bust.

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The upperparts are brown-black and tawny-buff, showing as thick freckling on the temple and also crown, stripes on the neck, sides as well as rear of the neck, and dark splotches on the light ground color of the back, mantle and also scapulars.

The rump as well as upper tail-coverts are gently formed with dark vermiculations and fine wavy barring. The tail is tawny-buff, varicolored dark grey-brown with around six black-brown bars.

The whole of the underparts except for chin, throat and also centre of top breast is covered with great dark wavy disallowing, on a tawny-buff ground colour. Legs and also feet are furthermore noted on an enthusiast ground colour yet even more faintly. Claws are blackish-brown with black ideas.

Size of eagle owl

Length 58-71cm. Tail length 231-310mm.

Habits of eagle owl

Active mainly at dusk to dawn. Roosts by day alone or in pairs in trees or in rock gaps. Air travel is soundless, with soft wingbeats disrupted by sliding when flying over long distance. Will certainly occasionally soar.

Voice of eagle owl

A deep, tedious “oohu-oohu-oohu”. The woman’s call is somewhat above the male’s. When intimidated, they may bark and grumble.

Hunting and Food of eagle owl

Eagle Owls have different hunting techniques, and will certainly take exploit the ground or completely air travel. They could hunt in forests, however like open areas.

Eagle Owls will consume nearly anything the steps – from beetles to roe deer fawns., however birds of all kinds are also taken, including crows, ducks, complaint, seabirds, and even other birds of victim (including various other owls).

Mortality of eagle owl: Eurasian Eagle Owls could live more than 60 years in bondage. In the wild, regarding Two Decade could be the maximum. They have no real natural enemies; electrocution, crash with traffic, and shooting are the major causes of death.

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Habitat of eagle owl

Eagle Owls occupy a variety of habitats, from coniferous woodlands to warm deserts. Rocky landscapes are commonly favoured. Adequate food supply as well as nesting sites seem to be one of the most important prerequisites.

Distribution of eagle owl

North Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East.

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