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Desert island survival guide number one is STOP and also Assume.

Utilize the Kid Scouts mnemonic gadget of “QUIT”, which represents “Stop, Believe, Observe, as well as Plan”.

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You’ve just discovered that you are alone on an island. You’re not sure regarding whether or not rescue will certainly be showing up. Right here is the list, in order, of what you need to be doing in order of priority:

  1. Find a source of drinking water.
  2. Find/build a shelter.
  3. Build a fire.
  4. Create rescue signals.
  5. Locate a resource of food.
  6. Produce tools for catching food.
  7. Fashion tools for self defense.
  8. Produce a raft to leave the island.

Desert island survival guide second is Finding Water

Finding a source of tidy drinking water should be your first priority. The body can not live without water for more than 3 or 4 days; nevertheless you can endure over 3 weeks xerophagy.

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Resources of Water:


Use any kind of containers you could discover and also establish them out in order to capture any type of water that falls. You could use huge fallen leaves to catch raindrops and funnel them right into containers.

On The Island:

A great location to find water is by venturing inland. The more inland you go, the much better your chances of discovering a water source. If the island is big enough, there is the possibility of discovering streams and waterfalls that will certainly give fresh consuming water.

Desert island survival guide number three is Build/Find a Sanctuary

Finding sanctuary is a vital facet of survival. You have to locate a location to remainder, while protecting on your own from the components, such as wind as well as rain.

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Developing a “Lean-To” sanctuary:

Step 1: Locate a huge branch and lean one end into a tree.

Step 2: Place smaller sized branches at 45 degree angles along the size of the huge branch.

Step 3: Cover the entire structure with fallen leaves and vegetation.

If you are not saved within a couple of weeks as well as your stay on the island is visiting be a lot longer, then you could make use of the “Lean-To Sanctuary” as short-term housing while you build an even more permanent “Tepee Shelter”.

Developing a “Tepee” shelter:

Action 1: Gather 10 to 20 lengthy branches. The thicker the branches, the a lot more safe your tepee will be.

Action 2: Stick 3 of these branches right into the ground to produce a tripod.

Step 3: Location the continuing to be branches around the tripod in a circle. Make certain to leave an area complimentary for your entrance.

Pointer 4: Discover the biggest fallen leaves as well as brush that you could locate to make use of as a cover.

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Desert island survival guide number four is Create a Fire

Building a fire not just maintains you warmer, however it will aid to indicate any sort of rescue planes that are flying overhead.

Desert island survival guide number five is Finding Food

Your optimal source of food will certainly most likely be the fish in the shallow areas bordering the coastline. The surrounding water must be shallow adequate to walk through and also try to find fish.

In order to catch the fish, the most convenient technique is to use spear fishing. Develop a long bayonet from one of the branches you locate on the island. Make the suggestion as sharp as well as lengthy as possible, however make sure that the stick is long sufficient to toss which it has some weight.

If you could base on rocks, this will be much better, given that it will be much less most likely to alarm system the fish and also you’ll be able to find them twisting as they snack on seaweed or whatever else they locate intriguing in the ocean.

If you must stroll in the water, after that move slowly in order to not alarm them.

Hold the bayonet harpoon at your side above the water. When the fish quits and resolves in one area, promptly extend your arm and also toss the bayonet, aiming for the fish’s head. With enough technique, you will be striking your target with better accuracy.

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Desert island survival guide number six is Be cautious Predators

Depending upon the island, be aware of any type of feasible animals that may be settling it.

This means that at first, you will certainly always wish to remain alert to any pets that might be tracking you.

For security, style a bayonet and also knife from any type of branches that you discover lying around.

In the ocean, your primary worry should be shark strikes while you are angling. Try to stay in superficial water whenever possible.

Desert island survival guide number seven is Obtaining Saved

The fire that you started in Part 4 above will be an useful signal to rescue events that are searching for you.

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To raise your chances of being noticed, you ought to take into consideration producing an SOS message in the sand.

To do this, simply find huge tree branches to mean the letters SOS, to ensure that it could be seen from aircraft flying overhead.

Desert island survival guide number eight is Traveling/Resting:

Consistently work during the day, when it’s light out so you can see. Use the evening as a time to remainder and also recover your power.

If you’re plan is to leave the island on your own, after that you’ll have to create a raft.

The two things you will should create a plethora are logs and vine.

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