blue faced parrot finch bird info

Various other Names of blue faced parrot finch: Green-backed Finch, Blue-headed Parrot Finch

Size: 11-12cm

Habitat: Bogs to heights of ranges in grassy clearings up as well as rich plants of rain forest margins. (Jungle’s, meadows as well as growing’s).

blue faced parrot finch

Distribution of blue faced parrot finch

North eastern Australia (Eastern component of Cape York Peninsula) The birds additionally occupy the Indo-pacific area (New Guinea, Moluccan Islands, etc).

Food: The blue faced parrot finch will adapt well to bondage and also nutritional needs will certainly resemble a lot of finches including a great finch mix, live food as well as environment-friendlies.

Nesting: With sufficient cover the set will certainly share nest building responsibilities. The nest is usually a pear-shaped framework that for example an entrance tunnel.

These birds have a friendly resistance in the direction of other finches so they will certainly go well in a combined aviary or nest. Try to restrict the type parrot finches in one aviary as they will certainly mix as well as develop hybrids. The blue-face is one of the easier parrot finches varieties to breed.

Egg incubation: Incubation of eggs is carried out by the chicken.

Sexing: The woman is similar to the male nevertheless all colours are duller.

Colour Mutations: big splashed of white or yellow throughout tuft

Grizzle Pied (plumes are partly normal as well as partially yellow).


May have come from India and spread thereafter (in the direction of Africa as well as Pacific Ocean environments).

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