Best places to visit in Japan in summer

Best places to visit in Japan in summer are so many. Summer is the period of fireworks. Almost every evening, communities around Japan stage lively firework displays jazzing up the night skies.

Summer season throughout Japan finishes with large range celebrations, lots of with people dance, as well as “Bon odori” dancing meetings for the leisure of regional homeowners, pals and also site visitors.

Japan in summer
best places to visit in Japan in summer

Yokohama International Fireworks, Yamashita Park, Yokohama (Mid-July). The International Fireworks Display, which is held every July on the Sunday before Marine Day, is the finale of the “Position of the Port Festival”. It is additionally a poetic means of announcing summer season’s arrival to the Port of Yokohama. The fireworks show, with over 6,000 fireworks launched from the waters merely offshore from Yamashita Park, draws more individuals compared to other event of the year in the Yokohama location.
Second best places to visit in Japan in summer is Sumida River Fireworks Festival.
Sumida River Fireworks Celebration, Tokyo (Late July).
Twenty thousand collections of fireworks will light up the Tokyo summertime sky. The celebration additionally includes a fireworks competitors.

Third Best places to visit in Japan in summer is Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks.
Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Celebration, Harumi Futo Pier, Tokyo (Mid August). Twelve thousand rounds of fireworks illuminate the Tokyo summer sky.


Koenji Awaodori Festival, Tokyo (Late August).
JR Koenji Station area, Tokyo Japan’s 2nd biggest Awaodori Festival. Currently in its 53rd year, the Koenji dancing festival brings in around 1.2 million viewers who turn out to view 12,000 participants from 188 teams dancing to uplifting songs and also rhythms in the streets of Tokyo’s Koenji.


Grand Sumo Competition, Kokugikan Sumo Hall, Tokyo (Mid-September).
Gion Festival, Kyoto (July 1-31).
This month long celebration is one of Kyoto’s three biggest festivals. The highlights of the celebration are the ‘Yoiyama’ on July 16 in which regional homeowners open the doors to the public to show their treasured art compilations, and ‘Yamaboko-Junko’ float parade on July 17.

Tenjin Festival, Tenman Temple, Osaka (July 24-25).
Going back greater than 1000 years, the Tenjin Festival is not just one of Japan’s 3 biggest festivals yet likewise among the globe’s greatest boat celebrations.


Sumiyoshi Festival, Osaka (July 1-31).
Osaka’s final summer season festival for the period. The celebration’s Nagoshi Shinto filtration habit in which beautifully dressed ladies as well as youngsters walk through a large thatched ring to cleanse themselves as well as yearn for good health, is a marked abstract social asset. The public additionally has the possibility to walk through the thatched ring. After the event, 2 dancings– Kumanomai and Sumiyoshiodori are done. The thatched ring is placed at the Sumiyoshi Shrine entrance up until the festival upright the evening of August 1.

Daimonji Gozan Fire Festival, Kyoto (Mid August).
As part of Kyoto’s August Obon celebrations, fires in the shape of large Chinese personalities (kanji) are lit in 5 areas on the hills surrounding Kyoto City.

The last Best places to visit in Japan in summer is Moon seeing event.
Moon checking out ceremony, Daikaku Holy place, Kyoto (Mid September).
Osawa no ike (pool) is among Japan’s most prominent moon seeing spots. The moon seeing ceremony dates back to the Heian Period (794-1185). A dragon-headed watercraft and bird-headed watercraft glide via the water, come with by the noise of koto music.

places to visit in Japan in summer

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