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Physical Look of Yellow crested cockatoo

Yellow crested cockatoos are noteworthy for their intense yellow crests, which slope in a frontal direction. The bottoms of their tails as well as wings are likewise yellow-colored. Yellow-crested cockatoos are typically 13 to 14 inches in size, based on BirdLife International. Other notable functions of these birds consist of grayish feet, black beaks as well as light blue coloring surrounding their eyes. Youngsters closely appear like fully mature yellow-crested cockatoos.

yellow crested cockatoo habitat

Yellow crested cockatoo generally stays within woodland settings, whether gallery, damp monsoon or evergreen woodland. They prevail in timberlands, on farming websites, in scrublands and also in the locations directly beyond woodlands. While nesting, yellow-crested cockatoos typically remain in hollows of trees. They occasionally occupy hollows that were carved out by other animals. It is not uncommon to identify these birds in decomposing and decaying trees.

Food of Yellow crested cockatoo

The yellow-crested cockatoo diet plan is heavy in fruit, especially those of plants such as Artocarpus communis. They frequently feed on coconut hands– not only the fruit yet likewise the florals. Tender vegetation as well as seeds are additionally both major components in the varieties’ basic diet regimen.

Endangered Bird Condition of Yellow crested cockatoo

The population of yellow-crested cockatoos continuouslies drop quickly, according to the 2012 determination of the IUCN Red Checklist of Threatened Species. One of the prime factors behind the decline is the family pet profession, which depends heavily on the yellow-crested cockatoo, as they are typically marketed as cagebirds. The existing population just can not keep up with the laborious and also considerable demands of the trade. Deforestation as well as agricultural advancement also are related to these birds’ lowered figures. Chemicals are a danger to the yellow-crested population, as well.

yellow crested cockatoo behavior

Vocalization of Yellow crested cockatoo

Yellow-crested cockatoos have loud articulation designs, typically producing rough blaring sounds. They additionally make softer and also smoother whistling noises.


Indonesia (Sulawesi, Islands in the Flores Sea, Nusa Tenggara as well as Masalembu islands)


Timberland, farmland, coconut palms and also woodland edges.


Size 30-32.5 centimeters


300-350 grams


Up to 60 years

yellow crested cockatoo characteristics


Considereded as a crop-pest, as well as subsequently persecuted.

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