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The Red Bellied Parrot (Poicephalus rufiventris) is a little African parrot about 23 centimeters (9 in) long of the Poicephalus category. It is a mainly green as well as grey parrot. Men have a bright orange tummy and women have a green tummy

The red bellied parrot is a small parrot regarding 23 centimeters (9 in) long and weights 140 g (5 oz). Adult birds have eco-friendly feathers covering the upper parts of their legs, red irises as well as dark grey beaks.

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Red bellied parrot behavior

The Red Bellied Parrot is considered to be the ideal talkers and a lot of outgoing of the Poicephalus Variety. Having two of any type of Poicephalus, for the function of providing them a close friend while you are out of the home is actually not recommended, although Red Bellied Parrot lives in social nests in the wild, Red Bellied Parrot does not conveniently take to their very own kind in captivity. If you offer your Red Bellied Parrot lots of soft wooden toys to eat on as well as some friendly acrylic playthings (both are a must, since they can be chewed on, threw, played with as well as are easy for human beings to use for interactive playthings.

Red Bellied Parrot Food

Their diet plan should include a limited seed mix of both tiny as well as huge seeds, a good pelleted food as well as REQUIREMENT be supplemented with a variety of fruits and vegetables. A friendly diet plan, fresh air, ample space to workout plus a more than happy setting spells the distinction in keeping the birds healthy.

red bellied parrot behavior

Cages: Prevent cages with curlicue layouts. The curves could snap off under heavy chewing, as well as Poicephalus parrots have extremely solid beaks. Poicephalus parrots also tend to favor cages with straight instead compared to vertical bars since they can climb up.

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