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The Black backed woodpecker (Picoides arcticus) also known as the Arctic three-toed woodpecker is a medium-sized woodpecker (23 cm (9.1 in) long) inhabiting the forests of North America.

Habitat and Reproduction of Black backed woodpecker

In particular the types is a burnt-forest expert, feeding on the break outs of wood-boring beetles that feed on lately charred trees. Black-backed woodpecker are normally non-migratory yet historically have actually taken on periodic irruptions.

black backed woodpecker


Length: 23 – 25 centimeters


61 – 88 g

The diet of the Black backed woodpecker is composed generally of the larvae of wood-boring beetles, such as the big foods of the white-spotted sawyer (Monochamus scutellatus). This woodpecker is fairly specialised in its foraging behaviour, generally stiring to exploit break outs of wood-boring beetles in recently melted environments, usually for only two to three years after fires. The black-backed woodpecker will certainly also take other bugs, as well as spiders, centipedes, some fruits as well as seeds, as well as occasionally parts of the inner bark of trees.

The Black backed woodpecker generally forages on the trunks of dead trees, along with on larger tree limbs and on dropped timber. It could acquire food by pecking or gleaning from tree trunks, stripping pieces of bark, penetrating, or by making deep excavations into timber. The black-backed woodpecker might be a lot better adapted compared to various other Picoides varieties at removing wood-boring beetle larvae.

Courtship in the Black backed woodpecker consists of a trembling aerial display screen. The nest may be built in a dead tree, usually a conifer, in a live tree influenced by heart-rot (degeneration created by a fungal condition), or sometimes in a telephone post.

black backed woodpecker range

The Black backed woodpecker lays a clutch of in between 2 and also 6 smooth, white eggs. Although both the man and female black-backed woodpecker nurture the eggs, the woman might take much shorter changes as well as the male consistently incubates in the evening. Only one clutch is laid per reproducing season, yet the pair may re-nest if the first clutch is shed.

Both grownups take care of the young, which leave the nest at around 21 to 25 days old. After the young black-backed woodpeckers have actually fledged, the grownups may divide the brood in between them, each taking care of just a few of the recentlies established. The life expectancy of the black-backed woodpecker is unknown, however it is likely to be just like the American three-toed woodpecker (P. dorsalis), which can live to at least six to eight years of ages.

Black backed woodpecker range

The black backed woodpecker is located in Canada as well as the northern USA, happening from Alaska, east with Canada to Labrador and also Newfoundland, and also south right into mountainous parts of the United States, to California in the west and New England in the east. The southerly limits of its array likewise for example western Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, southern Ontario and also the Adirondack Hills of New york city.

Although not generally migratory, the black-backed woodpecker occasionally embarks on uneven motions that could involve a few straying individuals or often larger varieties of birds. Referred to as ‘irruptions’, these motions may be triggered by local population boosts because of high food accessibility, or to an absence of prey in this varieties’ normal array. Individuals could also occasionally move to locations southern of the typical reproduction variety in winter season.

habitat of black backed woodpecker

Black backed woodpecker habitat

An inhabitant of northern as well as montane coniferous woodlands, the black-backed woodpecker especially favours burned areas or woodlands impacted by break outs of insect parasites, as well as locations where trees have been dropped by wind. During ‘irruption’ events, this varieties can likewise be located in other wooded environments, including parks as well as metropolitan locations.

The black backed woodpecker could be located at elevations from water level up to around 1,300 metres in eastern components of its variety, however it is restricted to hilly areas in between 1,200 and 3,100 metres in the west

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