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Taxonomic name of African penguin: Spheniscus demersus

Size: 3.3 kg (m), 3.0 kg (f).

Nest type: burrow or under bushes/rocks.

Favourite food: little fish.

The African Penguin is the only penguin reproduction in Africa and was most likely the very first penguin encountered by Europeans. Numbers declined dramatically during the Twentieth Century and their future has been jeopardized just recently by significant oil spills.

african penguin

Identification of African penguin.

The only penguin taking place on a regular basis in southern Africa. African Penguins, like Humboldt Penguins, differ from Magellanic Penguins in that they lack a second dark breast band (although some African Penguins do have an additional bust band). The location of nude skin reaches all around the eye and also is so much more considerable compared to that in Humboldt Penguins. Immature African Penguins have a grey face and also lack the pied pattern of adults. Adult tuft happens after 14 months.

Behaviour of African penguin

African Penguins breed in burrows, rock holes as well as under shrubs, typically developing large colonies, with some numbering over ten thousand sets. Birds forage close inshore, particularly throughout the reproducing season.

As the name suggests, the African Penguin is native to the island to southerly Africa with the biggest focus along the Benguela Current, which brings nutrient-rich water to the west coastline of South Africa as well as Namibia.

Movement of African Penguin.

Non-migratory. Vagrants have actually been located as far north as Setta Cama, Gabon, and also Inhaca Island, Mozambique.

behavior of african penguin

Diet of African penguin.

Generally fish (over 80 %), particularly anchovy. Cephalopods and also shellfishes are taken as well, however to a much minimal extent.

The range that African penguins need to take a trip to discover food varies, both temporally and also spatially. On the west coast a typical foraging travel could vary from 30 to 70 km. for a solitary journey. On the south coast, foraging birds cover approximately 110 kilometres. per trip. When penguins are feeding their young, the range they could travel from the breeding colony is so much more minimal. An ordinary dive of an African Penguin lasts concerning two and also a fifty percent mins, as well as is frequently regarding 30m detailed, although dive depths of around 130m have actually been recorded.

African Penguin begins breeding from between two to 6 years of age, but normally at 4 years. As with many various other penguins, the African Penguin breeds colonially, mainly on rough offshore islands, either nesting in burrows they excavate themselves, or in anxieties under boulders or bushes.

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